Dry Finish Shear for all your Dry Hair Cutting Needs

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The Solution for Cutting Hair Dry

* The perfect tool for dry slide cutting

* Increase your "visibility" by cutting hair dry. You can see exactly how your clients hair will lay after your cut.

* Remove the risk of taking too much - hair contracts as it drys. If you cut the hair wet it can shrink-up shorter than you or your client wanted.

Don't miss out on our introductory price.

Order yours today.

We provide a lifetime warranty and a

15 day satisfaction guarantee!

What the competition charges for a Dry Finish Shear

Company "A" Sale Price $1,045.00

hakari 163 B-Dry 1045

*These prices taken directly from
online websites 12-23-19

Hattori Hanzo Kamikaze $1569

Company "B" Sale Price $1,569.00

Watch the video

Dorena Anderson shows how to cut ethnic hair with the Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear. 

Less risk of damage to the hair.

A more precise hair cut.

Faster and easier for you the stylist

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